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Introducing Teenage Wrist’s Third Full-Length Album: Still Love

Are you ready for a musical journey that will take you to new heights? Teenage Wrist’s third full-length album, Still Love, is the perfect choice for music lovers who crave something fresh and exciting. This album is the culmination of eight years of hard work and evolution, and it shows in every aspect of the music.


Still Love is a self-realized collection of songs that showcases the band’s growth as songwriters. From the atmospheric, fuzzed out opener “Sunshine” to the brain-invading ballad “Something Good,” the album is teeming with unexpected moments that keep listeners engaged and intrigued. The powerful bond between Marshall Gallagher and Anthony Salazar is evident on every moment of Still Love, and the result is a cohesive and satisfying listening experience.

But don’t let the experimental aspects of this album fool you – there’s still plenty of crunchy chords and distorted guitars to satisfy fans who crave that classic rock sound. The midtempo rocker “Dark Sky” features a cameo from 311 vocalist/turntablist Doug “SA” Martinez, adding another layer of excitement to an already dynamic album.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Teenage Wrist or a newcomer to their sound, Still Love is an album that deserves a place in your collection. So why wait? Order your copy today and experience the magic for yourself.

Product Details:

  • 12.35 x 12.3 x 0.16 inches; 11.52 Ounces
  • Epitaph
  • 2023
  • June 6, 2023
  • Epitaph
  • B0C79GD3BP
  • USA
  • 1

Why Teenage Wrist’s “Still Love” is a Must-Have Record

If you’re a fan of distorted guitars and crunchy chords, then you need to listen to Teenage Wrist’s latest album, “Still Love.” But even if you’re not, this album is worth checking out for its unexpected moments and pop sensibilities.

About the Singer

Teenage Wrist is a duo consisting of Marshall Gallagher (vocalist, guitarist, bassist) and Anthony Salazar (drums, vocalist, percussion). Over the past eight years, the band has continually evolved their sound, with “Still Love” being their most expansive collection of songs to date.

Who Should Buy This Record?

If you’re a fan of alternative rock, shoegaze, or dream pop, then this album is for you. But even if you’re not, give it a listen and you might be surprised by what you hear.

Interesting Fact

The album sees the band borrowing vintage gear and bringing in friends like members from 311 vocalist/turntablist Doug “SA” Martinez and Softcult to handcraft their sound. The result is a self-realized collection of songs that showcases the band’s growth as songwriters since their last album.

Mood and Feelings

“Still Love” is atmospheric, fuzzed out, and teeming with unexpected moments that are reminiscent of Radiohead’s flair for experimentation. From the brain-invading ballad “Something Good” to the downbeat electronic vibe of “Diorama,” this album is a journey through the band’s emotions and experiences. It’s a record that speaks to the heart and soul of anyone who loves music.

Final Thoughts

Teenage Wrist’s “Still Love” is a must-have record for anyone who loves alternative rock and pop sensibilities. It’s a self-realized collection of songs that showcases the band’s growth as songwriters and musicians, and it’s sure to please fans both old and new.

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