Sony PS-LX310BT Belt Drive Turntable

Sony PS-LX310BT Belt Drive Turntable


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Step into the world of vinyl bliss with the Sony PS-LX310BT Belt Drive Turntable, a sleek and state-of-the-art wireless record player that marries the warmth of analog sound with the convenience of digital technology. This fully automatic turntable brings your cherished vinyl collection to life while effortlessly bridging the gap between classic and contemporary audio experiences.

Dressed in elegant black, the turntable is more than just a pretty face. It is a versatile music hub that caters to both purists and tech enthusiasts alike. With Bluetooth connectivity at your fingertips, you can seamlessly stream your favorite tracks to wireless speakers or headphones, transforming any room into an immersive listening sanctuary.

The PS-LX310BT doesn’t just play your records; it celebrates them. Its high-quality build and thoughtfully designed tone arm work in harmony to extract every nuance from your vinyl, delivering crystal-clear playback that will have you rediscovering your music collection. And with one-step auto play, you are never more than a button press away from sonic nirvana.

But the turntable isn’t content with just playing your records – it wants to preserve them for the digital age. Thanks to its USB output, you can easily convert your vinyl treasures into digital files, ensuring your music stays with you wherever you go. Whether you are a seasoned audiophile or a curious newcomer to the world of vinyl, the Sony PS-LX310BT Belt Drive Turntable offers a perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation, inviting you to experience your music in a whole new light.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Drive System: Belt Drive
  • Operation: Fully Automatic
  • Platter Material: Aluminum Die-Cast
  • Playback Speeds: 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Wired Connectivity: RCA Output
  • USB Output: For digital ripping to MP3
  • Phono Preamp: Built-in, switchable
  • Gain Settings: 3 levels
  • Tone Arm: Newly designed for improved playback
  • Auto-Functions: One-step auto start, stop, and return
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Color: Black
  • Additional Features: 45 rpm adaptor storage, Phono/Line output support

This sleek Sony turntable combines vintage vinyl playback with state-of-the-art wireless technology, offering a range of connectivity options and user-friendly features for audio enthusiasts.

Spinning into the Future: Sony’s PS-LX310BT Turntable Blends Nostalgia with State-of-the-art Tech

The Sony PS-LX310BT Belt Drive Turntable stands out in the crowded vinyl player market by seamlessly marrying the warm, rich sound of analog records with the convenience of state-of-the-art wireless technology. This fusion of old and new makes it an attractive option for both vinyl enthusiasts and tech-savvy music lovers.

One of the PS-LX310BT’s strongest selling points is its Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to stream their vinyl collection to wireless speakers or headphones. This feature sets it apart from many traditional turntables, offering flexibility in setup and listening options. However, audiophiles should note that Bluetooth compression might slightly impact sound quality compared to wired connections.

The turntable’s fully automatic operation is another standout feature, making it incredibly simple to operate. The one-step auto-play function is ideal for those new to vinyl or anyone who prefers a hassle-free listening experience. This ease of use comes at a slight cost to customization options that more advanced users might desire, such as adjustable tracking force or replaceable cartridges.

Sony’s inclusion of a built-in phono preamp with switchable output and three gain settings is a significant advantage. This feature provides versatility in connecting to various audio systems and allows users to fine-tune their listening experience. It’s a step up from entry-level turntables that often lack these options.

The USB output for digital ripping is a valuable addition, bridging the gap between analog and digital music collections. While not unique to this model, it’s a feature that is becoming increasingly important for preserving and sharing vinyl collections.

Build quality is another area where the PS-LX310BT shines. The aluminum die-cast platter contributes to reduced vibration and improved sound clarity, a feature often found in higher-end turntables. This attention to detail in construction gives it an edge over some similarly priced competitors.

However, the PS-LX310BT’s limited speed options (33 1/3 and 45 rpm) might disappoint collectors of 78 rpm records. While this won’t affect most users, it’s worth considering for those with extensive vintage collections.

In terms of aesthetics, the sleek black design of the PS-LX310BT is both state-of-the-art and timeless, allowing it to blend seamlessly with various home decor styles. This universal charm is a strong point in its favor, especially when compared to more ostentatious or retro-styled turntables on the market.

Overall, the Sony PS-LX310BT Belt Drive Turntable offers a compelling package for those looking to enjoy vinyl with contemporary conveniences. Its blend of effortless to handle features, solid build quality, and wireless capabilities make it a strong contender in the mid-range turntable market. While it may not satisfy the most demanding audiophiles, it strikes an impressive balance between performance, features, and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of music lovers.


  • Seamless integration of vintage vinyl experience with modern wireless technology
  • Intuitive design caters to both newcomers and experienced vinyl enthusiasts
  • Versatile connectivity options enhance home audio system compatibility
  • Premium build quality contributes to improved sound performance
  • Sleek aesthetic complements various interior design styles
  • Digital archiving capability preserves cherished vinyl collections
  • Customizable listening experience through adjustable gain settings


  • Bluetooth audio compression may not satisfy hardcore audiophiles
  • Limited speed options restrict playback of certain vintage records
  • Automation features may limit fine-tuning options for audio purists
  • Potential for reduced long-term durability compared to high-end manual turntables
  • Lack of upgradability might necessitate future replacement for growing enthusiasts
  • Possible interference with wireless functionality in crowded signal environments
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