Limited double vinyl LP pressing. 2015 release, the highly anticipated third full length album from the much loved Australian band. Currents is the follow up to 2012’s Lonerism. Kevin Parker, the musician behind Tame Impala, explained that Currents is about the process of personal transformation. He said, “It follows the progression of someone feeling like they are becoming something else. They’re becoming the kind of person they thought they’d never become.” The cover art for Currents was created by Kentucky-based artist and musician Robert Beatty. Parker has said Currents’ designs are based on a diagram of vortex shedding he remembered while trying to visualize the album’s themes. Includes the single ‘Let It Happen’.

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Tame Impala – Currents Vinyl Record Overview

Tame Impala – Currents Vinyl Record Overview


Are you ready to embark on a mesmerizing journey of personal transformation? Look no further than Tame Impala’s highly anticipated third full-length album, “Currents”. This limited double vinyl LP pressing is a musical masterpiece that will leave you completely enthralled from start to finish. With their unique blend of psychedelic rock and dreamy pop, Tame Impala takes you on a sonic adventure that is both burliness and captivating.

The Evolution of Sound

“Currents” is the follow-up to Tame Impala’s critically acclaimed album “Lonerism” and represents a significant evolution in their sound. Kevin Parker, the genius behind Tame Impala, describes “Currents” as a reflection of personal growth and transformation. It explores the journey of someone becoming the person they never thought they could be. With each track, you’ll feel the progression, the metamorphosis taking place within the music itself. The raw emotions and introspection will resonate with your own experiences, making this album a truly immersive and relatable experience.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Not only does “Currents” captivate your ears, but it also engages your eyes. The cover art, created by the talented artist and musician Robert Beatty, perfectly complements the album’s themes. Inspired by a diagram of vortex shedding, the designs on the vinyl represent the swirling energy and transformation that lies within. Holding this vinyl in your hands, you’ll feel connected to the music on a whole new level.

Let It Happen

Included in this vinyl record is the mesmerizing single, “Let It Happen”. This track serves as a perfect introduction to the album’s sonic journey. From its hypnotic beats to its ethereal melodies, “Let It Happen” sets the stage for the transformative experience that awaits you.

Product Details

  • No
  • 12.36 x 12.28 x 0.47 inches; 8.32 Ounces
  • Interscope
  • 4730677
  • 2015
  • June 20, 2015
  • Interscope
  • B00XBWBWL0
  • USA
  • 1

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this remarkable vinyl record. Tame Impala’s “Currents” will transport you to a world of personal transformation and musical bliss. So, grab your copy now and let the currents of Tame Impala’s sound wash over you!

Currents – A Recommendation Article


A Highly Anticipated Album for Personal Transformation

If you are in search of an album that will take you on a journey of personal transformation, then “Currents” by Tame Impala is a must-have for your collection. Released in 2015, this highly anticipated third full-length album from the much-loved Australian band is a masterpiece that will leave you feeling inspired and introspective.

A Musical Evolution

  • Kevin Parker, the brilliant musician behind Tame Impala, describes “Currents” as a reflection of the process of personal growth and change. It explores the emotions and experiences of someone who feels like they are evolving into a different person, someone they never thought they would become.
  • The album takes you on a sonic journey, with each track flowing seamlessly into the next, creating an immersive experience that captivates the listener from start to finish. The lush soundscapes and hypnotic melodies will transport you to another world, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the transformative themes of the album.

Captivating Cover Art

The cover art for “Currents” was created by Kentucky-based artist and musician Robert Beatty. The visually striking design perfectly complements the album’s themes and serves as a visual representation of the transformative journey that awaits within the record.

An Interesting Inspiration

Kevin Parker drew inspiration for the album’s design from a diagram of vortex shedding that he stumbled upon while trying to visualize the album’s themes. This unique and unexpected source of inspiration adds an intriguing layer to the overall experience of “Currents.”

A Standout Single

One of the standout tracks on the album is the single “Let It Happen.” This mesmerizing song showcases Tame Impala’s signature sound, blending psychedelic rock with electronic elements. Its infectious rhythm and introspective lyrics will leave you craving more.

Why You Should Buy “Currents”

  • If you are a fan of Tame Impala’s previous work, “Currents” offers a captivating evolution of their sound that you won’t want to miss. It showcases Kevin Parker’s growth as a musician and his ability to create music that resonates deeply with listeners.
  • If you are someone who appreciates albums that take you on a transformative journey, “Currents” is a perfect fit for you. Its introspective themes and captivating soundscapes will leave you feeling inspired and contemplative.
  • If you are simply in search of a unique and immersive musical experience, “Currents” delivers on all fronts. Its innovative blend of genres and masterful production make it a standout record that deserves a place in any music lover’s collection.

So, whether you are a longtime fan of Tame Impala or someone searching for a profound musical experience, “Currents” is an album that should not be overlooked. Let its mesmerizing melodies and transformative themes take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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