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Introducing “Come My Fanatics” – A Vinyl Record You Can’t Afford to Miss!

If you’re a fan of vinyl records, you know that there’s nothing quite like the experience of listening to your favorite music on a high-quality pressing. And if you’re a fan of doom metal, you’re in luck – because “Come My Fanatics” by RISE ABOVE LIMITED is one of the best doom metal albums of all time, and it’s available now on vinyl!

The Review

From the moment you put the needle down on this record, you’ll be transported to a dark and foreboding world of crushing riffs, thunderous drums, and haunting vocals. The sound quality is top-notch, with every note and nuance coming through crystal clear – and the vinyl itself is a thing of beauty, with a stunning gatefold sleeve that features incredible artwork and liner notes.

But what really sets “Come My Fanatics” apart is the music itself. This is doom metal at its finest – heavy, atmospheric, and utterly mesmerizing. Every track is a journey into the depths of darkness, with lyrics that explore themes of mysticism, horror, and existential dread. Whether you’re a die-hard doom fan or just looking for something new to listen to, this album is an absolute must-have.

So what are you waiting for? Order your copy of “Come My Fanatics” today and experience the power of doom metal on vinyl! With its stunning sound quality, beautiful packaging, and unforgettable music, this record is sure to become a cherished part of your collection. Don’t miss out – get yours now!

Product details:

  • 12.25 x 12.25 x 0.13 inches; 7.04 Ounces
  • 2023
  • June 6, 2023
  • B0C78BTHZR
  • USA
  • 2

Why You Need to Buy “Come My Fanatics” by Rise Above Limited

Are you a fan of heavy metal music? Do you love the raw and powerful sounds of bands like Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard? If so, then you need to add “Come My Fanatics” by Rise Above Limited to your collection.

This record is an absolute masterpiece of doom metal, featuring some of the heaviest riffs and most haunting melodies you’ll ever hear. The singer’s voice is haunting and powerful, perfectly complementing the dark and brooding atmosphere of the music.

But what really sets “Come My Fanatics” apart is the story behind it. The record was originally released in 1996 by Electric Wizard, a band that had been struggling to find an audience for years. But when “Come My Fanatics” hit the shelves, it quickly became a cult classic, inspiring a whole generation of heavy metal musicians and fans.

Since then, the record has been re-released several times, but this latest version from Rise Above Limited is truly something special. The sound quality is crystal clear, allowing you to fully appreciate every nuance of the music. And the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, with stunning artwork that perfectly captures the mood of the record.

So if you’re a fan of heavy metal, or just love music that’s dark, brooding, and powerful, then you need to add “Come My Fanatics” by Rise Above Limited to your collection. It’s a record that will stay with you forever, inspiring you to explore the depths of your own psyche and embrace the darkness within.

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