Best of The Corrs

Best of The Corrs


Originally released in 2001, Best Of The Corrs is the double platinum hits collection covering the incredible Corrs first 3 hugely successful studio albums Forgiven Not Forgotten, Talk On Corners and In Blue. Newly reissued in expanded form, Best Of The Corrs will now be made available for the first time on vinyl, in a stunning limited edition 2LP gold vinyl format. This newly reissued collection now features 3 new songs recorded in tribute to Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie. Following the sad passing of Christine McVie in 2022, the band have recorded beautiful new versions of the classic songs Little Lies, Everywhere and Songbird. The new tracks were produced and recorded by Guy Chambers, with Little Lies and Songbird being released in the run up to the new Best Of, with the Iconic Songbird coming on November 30th the first anniversary of Christine’s death. Best Of The Corrs expanded reissue features 21 tracks including the hits Breathless, Runaway, What Can I Do, Radio, Dreams and more.

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Best of The Corrs Vinyl Record Overview

Review: Best of The Corrs – A Musical Journey Through Time

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable musical journey with one of the most beloved bands of our time? Look no further than the newly reissued vinyl edition of “Best of The Corrs”! Originally released in 2001, this double platinum hits collection showcases the incredible talent and success of The Corrs across their first three studio albums – “Forgiven Not Forgotten,” “Talk On Corners,” and “In Blue.”

A Golden Opportunity for Vinyl Lovers

For the first time ever, “Best of The Corrs” will be available on vinyl in a stunning limited edition 2LP gold vinyl format. This exquisite reissue is a must-have for any vinyl enthusiast or devoted fan of The Corrs. Immerse yourself in the warm, rich sound that only vinyl can deliver as you rediscover their timeless hits.

A Touching Tribute to Christine McVie

As a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie, The Corrs have recorded three beautiful new versions of her classic songs – “Little Lies,” “Everywhere,” and “Songbird.” Produced and recorded by the talented Guy Chambers, these tracks are a testament to the enduring legacy of both The Corrs and Christine McVie. Released in the run-up to the new Best Of album, these songs will surely touch your soul and remind you of the power of music.

A Musical Feast for the Ears

With 21 tracks, including chart-toppers like “Breathless,” “Runaway,” “What Can I Do,” “Radio,” and “Dreams,” this expanded reissue of “Best of The Corrs” is a musical feast for the ears. Each song showcases the band’s unique blend of pop rock, Celtic influences, and enchanting harmonies. Whether you’re a longtime fan or discovering The Corrs for the first time, this vinyl collection will leave you craving for more.

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  • October 4, 2023
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So why wait? Join The Corrs on this musical journey through time and experience their iconic hits like never before. This limited edition gold vinyl reissue is a collector’s dream and a testament to the band’s enduring legacy. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of musical history. Get your copy of “Best of The Corrs” on vinyl today!

Best of The Corrs – A Must-Have Record for Music Lovers

Best of The Corrs – A Must-Have Record for Music Lovers

Are you a fan of timeless melodies and heartfelt lyrics? If so, then the Best of The Corrs is a record that you absolutely cannot miss. Originally released in 2001, this double platinum hits collection showcases the incredible talent and musical prowess of The Corrs, one of the most successful bands of their time.

  • Who Should Buy This Record?

If you appreciate a blend of pop, rock, and traditional Irish music, then the Best of The Corrs is tailor-made for you. This album is a ideal choice for music lovers who enjoy captivating harmonies, soulful vocals, and beautifully crafted melodies.

  • About The Singer – The Corrs

The Corrs, consisting of siblings Andrea, Sharon, Caroline, and Jim, rose to prominence in the late 1990s with their unique fusion of traditional Irish music and state-of-the-art pop rock. With their enchanting harmonies and infectious energy, they captured the hearts of millions around the world.

  • An Interesting Fact

Did you know that the Best of The Corrs has been newly reissued in an expanded form? This limited edition 2LP gold vinyl format will allow you to experience their greatest hits in a whole new way. As a tribute to the legendary Christine McVie from Fleetwood Mac, The Corrs recorded three beautiful new versions of classic songs – “Little Lies,” “Everywhere,” and “Songbird.” These tracks were produced and recorded by the renowned Guy Chambers, adding a fresh twist to their already captivating sound.

  • Experience a Range of Emotions

When you listen to the Best of The Corrs, get ready to embark on an emotional journey. From the infectious energy of “Breathless” to the introspective beauty of “Runaway,” each track on this record will evoke a range of feelings. Whether you’re looking for uplifting anthems or heartfelt ballads, this album has it all.

  • Don’t Miss Out!

The expanded reissue of the Best of The Corrs features a total of 21 tracks, including timeless hits like “What Can I Do,” “Radio,” “Dreams,” and many more. With its newly added songs and limited edition gold vinyl format, this record is a true collector’s item that deserves a special place in your music collection.

Don’t wait any longer – immerse yourself in the magical world of The Corrs with the Best of The Corrs. Let their enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics transport you to a place where music truly touches the soul.

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